Will homeowners insurance cover a drone?

Your homeowners policy may cover the drone if it is not used commercially. However, insurers take different positions when it comes to covering unmanned aircraft. Get clarification from the insurance company, and consider the following points.

A drone is considered personal property, and insured for specific losses outlined in the policy (theft, fire, vandalism, and more). Find out if coverage can be added for crash-related damage to the drone. Most policies cover sudden and unexpected building damage on an all-risk basis, but exclusions apply. Find out how the insurer handles drone-related structural damage. Keep in mind the policy deductible applies to structural and personal property losses.

Liability for damage to someone else's property, personal injury, or invasion of privacy is a big concern when it comes to drones. You may be on the hook for a large repair bill, medical fee, or legal expense if your drone crashes into a structure, causes injury, or improperly records something. Insurers typically exclude liability for all aviation losses, but may make an exception for model or hobby aircraft. Review policy exclusions to be sure liability protection extends to drone-related damage. Note the liability limit, and buy additional coverage if necessary.

Insurance protection for a personal-use drone may be available from a membership association, hobbyist club, or an on-demand policy if your homeowners policy does not provide adequate protection.