Share the Road with Deer - Part 2

A deer-hit can mean serious damage to your vehicle. Sharing repair expenses with an insurance company is an option only if the insurance policy has physical damage coverage on the damaged vehicle. Physical damage is two different coverages - comprehensive (sometimes called other than collision) and collision. Be familiar with deductibles that apply for each coverage.

A liability-only policy does not pay for damage to the policyholder's vehicle. The vehicle owner must pay necessary repairs out-of-pocket.

Some things to expect from the insurer if you have a deer-related claim.

  • Contact the insurer as soon as possible to report the incident. Pictures of the damaged vehicle taken at the accident scene are helpful.
  • The insurance company will assign a claim number and adjuster to the loss. Start a file to collect all claim-related materials.
  • The comprehensive deductible is your responsibility if there is direct physical contact with the deer. Otherwise, the loss is a collision claim subject to the collision deductible.
  • The adjuster will confirm coverage, investigate the crash, assess damage, and prepare a claim settlement offer.
  • Cooperate with the adjuster as the claim advances. Providing credible, detailed information speeds the settlement process. Get in touch with the adjuster when questions arise.