Insurance for Vehicle Repairs After a Deer Hit

Review your auto insurance policy. Verify the coverages; check policy limits; confirm deductibles that apply to comprehensive and collision claims; be familiar with the policyholder's duties when making a claim.

Additional points to keep in mind about deer-related accidents:

  • Repairs from a deer crash are covered only if your auto policy provides comprehensive (also called other than collision) coverage for the vehicle involved in the accident. In addition to animal hits, comprehensive pays for losses like theft, vandalism, hail, and more.
  • The loss is a collision claim if you swerve to avoid the deer and hit a tree, post, or other vehicle. Collision pays for crash-related losses involving another vehicle or fixed object.
  • Comprehensive and collision have separate deductibles. Crash details determine which deductible (comprehensive or collision) applies.
  • Report the loss to the insurance company as soon as possible. A case number and adjuster will be assigned to your claim. The adjuster will begin a detailed claim investigation and damage repair estimate. Be prepared to provide information as needed. Request a copy of the repair estimate for your records.
  • A deer-vehicle claim may affect your auto policy when it renews. The insurer may do nothing; remove an accident-free discount; add a policy surcharge (for collision loss); discontinue coverage; or take other action.
  • A liability-only auto insurance policy does not pay for damages to your vehicle.