Insurance for bicycles

Bicycles create a variety of risks for riders. Talk to your homeowners insurance agent about your concerns, as policies vary by company.

Is bicycle theft your top concern? Homeowners policies insure bicycles and other personal belongings for theft loss. However, a claim settlement is subject to the policy deductible, and may be affected by depreciation or other policy limitations and restrictions. Bicycles powered by small motors are often excluded.

Your homeowners insurance policy will not pay to repair or replace your bicycle following a crash. Personal belongings are covered for specific perils outlined in the homeowners insurance policy. Collision is not a named peril. In addition, homeowners insurance does not pay medical bills if you are injured while riding your bike.

Bicycle riders sometimes crash into pedestrians, other cyclists, or objects. You may be responsible for another person’s injuries or property damage when this happens. Homeowners insurance provides liability insurance up to the policy limit if your negligence causes bodily injury or property damage to others.

Ask your local agent about insurance alternatives for your bicycle. You may want to insure a more expensive bicycle on a personal articles floater endorsement, add contents replacement cost coverage, or even buy a separate, stand-alone bicycle insurance policy.