Is there a state program for people that cannot get auto insurance?

Keep in mind that hundreds of companies offer car insurance in Illinois. Eligibility rules vary by insurer. Being turned down by one company doesn't mean you're uninsurable. Explore the possibilities, and then ask a local auto agent about the Illinois Automobile Plan if you run out of options.

The Auto Plan has four main criteria. You must be turned down by other auto insurance companies; have a valid driver's license or be eligible to apply for one; owe no outstanding insurance premium for the last 36 months; own a vehicle that is safe to drive.

A local agent will submit an application to the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan on your behalf. The Plan will assign you to receive coverage from one of the many companies selling auto insurance in this state.

Rates are higher through the Auto Plan, but they do not vary by company. It is a good idea to explore other options when you have established a good driving record.

More information about auto insurance can be found in 'A Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance,' which can be found under the 'Consumer Resources' tab of this website.