Prepare for Spring Flooding - Part 1

Key flood terms:

It's important to know the differences between a flood advisory, flood watch, and flood warning. A flood advisory means forecasters anticipate a weather event that may result in flooding. Stay tuned for more information. A flood or flash flood watch indicates threatening conditions may result in flooding. Be alert for changing weather. A flood warning is most serious and signals an event is imminent or already happening. Take precautions.

Flood safety procedures:

Force and power accompany floodwater. Develop a flood emergency plan and review it with loved ones. Drive cautiously. Turn your car around to avoid rushing water on the roadway. Six inches of water can carry off a small car. Individuals inside the vehicle may be injured or drowned. Potholes covered by water may be deeper and wider than expected. Be alert for flood-related structural damage to bridges. Do not approach high-water areas on foot. An adult can lose balance in only six inches of floodwater. Children are even more vulnerable. Get your family and belongings to higher ground as water rises. Turn off electricity and gas if your home is in danger. Evaluate if authorities recommend it.