Prepare for Earthquake - Part 1

Seismic activity is more likely near fault lines.  Find out how close your home is to one of Illinois' earthquake seismic zones.  The New Madrid Fault Line runs through southern Illinois.  The Wabash Valley Seismic Zone is in southeastern Illinois.  The Sandwich Fault Line is in northern Illinois.  The Plum River Fault Line is in northwestern Illinois.  

Develop and practice a household earthquake drill.  Identify a safe place in each room to take shelter.  Teach family members to duck under a sturday table, cover the head and neck for protection, and remain in this position until the danger passes.

Safeguard your home.  Heavy, freestanding objects like the water heater, light fixtures, mirrors, etc. should be securely anchored to wall or ceiling studs.  Teach responsible household members to shut off electricity, gas, and water at the main switches/valves.  

Prepare a disaster survival kit.  Include first aid supplies, drinking water, nonpreishable food, flashlight, batteries, and a battery-powered radio.  Add blankets, candles, basic tools, and medications too.

An earthquake can significantly damage your home and belongings.  Traditional property insurance policies exclude loss related to earthquake.  However, protection is available through a buy-back endorsement.  Coverage must be in place before damage occurs.

Earthquake insurance has a high deductible, typically 2% - 20% of the dwelling limit, and is considered catastrophic coverage.  Pricing depends on factors like deductible, location, building materials, year of construction, and more.  Check with your local property insurance agent for cost and coverage specifics.