Living with roommates? Let your car insurer know.

Your insurance company is concerned with tickets and accidents for all drivers in your household.

Be up front with the insurer about the people you live with. Not disclosing this information may put your coverage in jeopardy if a claim occurs.

Auto insurance eligibility and pricing is based on loss potential. Insurers look at numerous factors as thy evaluate risk, and this includes driving records for everyone you live with.

A housemate with a poor driving record could affect your insurance options. You may have to shop for another carrier or search for a company willing to exclude the individual. A driver exclusion I a policy add-on that removes any auto insurance coverage for the individual named on the endorsement.

More information about auto insurance is found in the 'Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance.' This 14-page booklet reviews auto insurance coverages, what to consider when buying auto insurance, what to do after an accident, and more.