Is cancer insurance a good idea?

Covered individuals diagnosed with the specific disease outlined in the policy can use the cash benefit to pay medical and non-medical expenses not covered by traditional health insurance.

Be familiar with limitations in the cancer policy you are considering. For example, some do not pay benefits unless you stay in the hospital. Look for caps on benefits for certain procedures or therapies. There may also be restrictions that add a benefit waiting period or stop paying claims after a certain number of years. Find out if the cancer insurance duplicates coverage provided by your major medical plan. Your primary health plan may have a coordination of benefits clause that restricts benefits when there is duplicate coverage.

Shop around if you decide cancer insurance is a good fit for your unique situation. Prices and policy terms vary by insurer. Choose a financially stable company that is licensed in the state of Illinois. Check the complaint record as well. Finally, be aware that you can return the policy within ten days for a full refund.