Can a self-employed person get disability insurance?

Short term disability insurance benefits begin soon after the disability is confirmed. Benefits continue for three to six months depending on specifics outlined in the policy. Long term disability benefits start three to six months after the disability is confirmed. They continue years into the future (according to policy terms) or until the disability ends.

A variety of factors affect long term disability insurance pricing. Age, health status, smoker status, occupation, and gender are among these. Policy features influence cost as well. For example, the longer benefit period, the higher the price. Delaying when benefits kick in reduces the rate. A policy that defines disability as unable to perform duties for a job you are qualified for costs more than one that broadens the definition to include any job. Pricing also increases for policies with higher benefit payouts. Additional features like inflation protection or covering partial disability may affect price as well.

Contact a local life and health insurance agent to explore disability insurance options. Do you belong to a professional association? Some offer access to individual disability insurance. Compare multiple options. Check each insurer's financial strength, complaint record, and licensing status. Companies not licensed in Illinois are not subject to state insurance laws. Look for a policy that is noncancellable.