Can the insurance company nonrenew my policy for accidents that were not my fault?

Insurance companies must follow specific state rules and regulations when nonrenewing a policy. The company must provide written notice identifying when coverage ends and outline the reason. A 60-day advance notification is required if the policy is in force more than five years. The time frame drops to 30-days on policies less than five years old.

Get in touch with the insurance company if you disagree with the nonrenewal. The insurer may be willing to reconsider if you have supporting policies with good loss experience, request higher physical damage deductibles, or make other changes. Explore options with different insurance companies as well. Eligibility requirements and rates vary by insurer.

Talk to your agent about the Illinois Auto Plan if you run out of options. The Auto Plan has four basic requirements. 1) Other companies must turn you down for auto insurance; 2) You must have a valid driver's license or be eligible to apply for one; 3) You cannot owe money for prior insurance coverage during the previous 36-months; 4) Your vehicle must be safe to drive. Insurance through the Illinois Auto Plan may cost more, so use it as a last resort. It is a good idea to explore other possibilities once your driving record improves.