Can the insurance company nonrenew my homeowners policy for claims?

Insurance companies must follow Illinois insurance laws when the decision is made to nonrenew coverage. For example, the insurer must send a written notice that identifies when coverage ends and outlines why the policy is not renewing. Specific claims must be listed when nonrenewing for loss experience. Policies in effect five or more years get a 60-day advance notice. Those in force less than five years receive a 30-day notice.

Talk to your local agent if your policy is being nonrenewed. Perhaps coverage can continue if you raise the deductible or agree to other policy changes. Explore options with other insurance companies too. Be upfront about your claim history, and consider a high deductible.

Ask about the Illinois FAIR Plan as a last resort. The FAIR Plan is an association that operates like an insurance company. Rates are higher, but coverage is similar to what private insurers offer. You are eligible for the FAIR Plan if you are unsuccessful getting homeowners insurance from traditional companies, and the property meets basic fire, loss prevention, and safety standards.